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BUG SCARE - N5,850

Bug Scare by H D T
Ultrasonic waves 3 levels to keep
Mice and Rats
Larger Rodents
Non chemical way of keeping pest free
Over 1200 units sold already !
Limited stock .

Mosquito Extractor - N42,500

Mosquito Extractor makes insect traps that work on the same principle as others. They attract flying bugs with warmth and carbon dioxide, then catch them and prevent them from escaping. For warmth, they use a fluorescent ultra-violet bulb, which also emits bug-attracting light. The main difference is that they don't use propane to create carbon dioxide (CO2). Instead, they use a special process.

Since they don't use propane, that means no need to buy and change cylinders, and best of all, no maintenance problems with clogged lines or failure of the propane to light--issues that trouble many other traps. You still need to plug them in, so you'll need an outdoor outlet and an extension cord if you want hang the trap more than 7-10 feet from the outlet.

The ME200XL  model is more expensive than the ME100XL model, but it's bigger, with a stronger fan and bright light, and can attract bugs from farther away, with coverage up to half an acre for the ME200XL  and a quarter acre for the ME100XL , according to the manufacturer.

  • Its initial cost is cheaper than propane traps.
  • It doesn't require the hassle and expense of replacing propane tanks.
  • It catches other bugs besides mosquitoes, though that's not always good if they're beneficial ones.
  • You can use it indoors or outdoors.
  • The only sound is the quiet humming of the fan and there's no odour.
  • It's safe for pets, children and the environment, since it uses electricity.

  • You'll need to mount it about 5 to 6 feet off the ground. O
  • Like all traps, it needs placed in a good location, shady and sheltered, where mosquitoes can find it, but not where you'll be bothered by them.

Fly/Mosquito Aluminium Chain Curtain - N68,000

chainThis beautiful grey curtain design is made from high quality anodised aluminium chains that hanging from metal track, the chain links can be removed and easily adjust to a shorter length.

Where can we use Aluminium Chain Curtain?
Why to choose our Aluminium Chain Curtain?

* Dense aluminium chain is ideal for preventing insects while still allowing a through-flow of air
* Help to maintain a well ventilated environment, which is particularly important in areas such as kitchens, shops and conservatories
* Easy to walk through, great for pet
* Easy to clean, install, remove, the header strip is simply hung on 2 screws, can remove in seconds
* Made from anodised aluminium for durability, while also creating a smooth, colourfast, anti-corrosion

Package Includes:

1 x Aluminium Chain Curtain
2 x Hanging Screw
2 x Wall Plugs
Chain Door Fly Screen Anodised Aluminium Grey 1980X900mm Curtain Pest Control

  • Fits doors up to 900mm wide

  • Comfortable to walk through

  • Allows flow of air into hot kitchens

  • Trim down to door size required

  • 1980(H) x 900(W)mm

  • Material: Anodised aluminium, grey finish

  • Chain door fly screen for effective pest control. An effective barrier against flying insects that is comfortable to walk through and allows flow of air into hot kitchens
    Metal Chain Fly Pest Insect Door Screen Curtain Control - Various Colours.
    The Insect Mosquito Fly Killer - From N18,000

    unnamedElectric Insect Mosquito Fly Killer Bug Zapper Home Kitchen Indoor (12W/20W/30W )

    • The unit is ideally suited for commercial and domestic use
    • Treated aluminium alloy casing
    • Corrosion-proof, scratch-proof and easy to clean
    • Removable catchment tray with safety switch
    • Single ABS sides
    • Professional Killing Grid
    • Low power consumption
    • Lamp life: 8000 hrs. approx.
    • Safety cut off
    • Easy to replace UV tubes
    • 3 Way Mounting - Wall Mounted, Ceiling Suspended or Free Standing
    • *UV Tubes not covered under warranty 

    Dimensions: 3 sizes to choose
    12W: 26cm x 25cm x 9.5cm
    20W: 39.5×9.5×28CM
    30W: 50×9.5×32CM

    Fly catcher - N5,000

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