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Mosquitoes, Snakes & Rodents

Seal all possible entry points. Repair doors , screens and windows.
Remove any standing water around your house

Use a contact pyethrin aerosol as a space spray. We suggest either PT 565 or CB 80
These can be used as a hand held space spray to kill flying insects.
The pyrethrin aerosol will give a quick kill of any flying insect pest indoors

use an aerosol dispenser to provide a consitent, on going knock down of flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies that would be in a given area.
The recommended dispenser would be Automatic Aerosol Dispenser
Placed strategically, an aerosol dispenser can give constant knock down of mosquitoes and flies in an area up to 6,000 cubic feet.
The dispenser uses a pyrethrin spray that applies a small burst of natural Pyrethrins according to the adjustable spray intervals: 7.5 minutes , 15 minutes or 25 minutes .
On Time Metered Aerosol is a good choice for commercial and residential use. It contains a high percentage of pyrethrins,.90% Pyrethrins, 1.80% Piperonyl butoxide technical
This combination (Automatic Aerosol dispenser and V Tech Metered Aerosol) will help eliminate flying pests such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats, flying moths which invade homes, restaurants and other businesses. Each can of Konk I contains 3,000 metered sprays, enough to last for about 30 days set at 15 minute intervals.

For larger fogging jobs inside, Electric Foggers and Fogging Compounds would serve your needs . For indoor use, fogging will give a quick knock down of many targeted pests: ants, roaches, spiders, fleas and ticks.
Flying pests such as flies, gnats and mosquitoes are also targeted with fogging indoors.
Outdoor applications usually target mosquitoes or other biting pests that ruin outdoor activities.
With the spread of West Nile Virus and other diseases, many people are treating patios, lawns, shrubs and other outdoor surfaces for mosquitoes.

Active Ingredient:      Bifenthrin 7.9%
Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis solids, spores and insecticidal toxins, 10.31%
Target pests:   Mosquitoes
For use in:     Apply Bifen IT as a residual spray to outside surfaces of buildings including but not limited to, exterior siding, foundations, porches, window frames, eaves, patios, garages, refuse dumps, lawns such as grass areas adjacent to or around private homes, duplexes, townhouses, condominiums, house trailers, apartment complexes, carports, fence lines, storage sheds, barns, and other commercial, residential and non commercial structures, soil, trunk of woody ornamentals, trees, shrubs, ground cover, bedding plants, foliage plants, flowers, non-bearing fruit and nut trees urban areas, parks, campsites, athletic fields, playgrounds, recreational and overgrown waste areas, roadsides and other areas where mosquitoes are found. May also be applied to non-bearing crops or perennial crops that will not produce harvestable raw agricultural commodities during the season of application.

Use BTI Mosquito Dunks in bird baths, old automobile tires, rain barrels, ponds, abandoned or unused swimming pools (particularly above ground types), ditches, tree holes, roof gutters for collecting rainwater, flower pots, animal watering troughs, waste water treatment plants, elevator shafts, basements that flood, sump pumps and any drainage areas within buildings
Application:    Bifen IT should be applied at a rate of 0.33 to 1.0 oz. per gallon of water for mosquito control. Each gallon of diluted product covers 1,000 sq. ft.

1 briquet of BTI Mosquito Dunks treats up to 100 sq. ft. of water
Pet safe:       Yes, when used as directed.

HOW TO USE BIFEN IT: Bifen IT is best applied with a sprayer. Bifen IT should be applied at a rate of 0.33 to 1.0 oz. per gallon of water for mosquito control. Each gallon of diluted product covers 1,000 sq. ft. Apply to the outside foundation of the home, approx. 3 feet up the side of the house and 2 feet out from the house. Also spray entry points into the home such as around windows, pipes, doorways, etc. Always read the label completely before use!

When Bifen IT is applied at the high rate of 1.0 oz. per gallon it provides faster knockdown, longer residual, and enough power for heavy infestations. At the rate of 1.0 oz. per gallon do not reapply more than once every four weeks.

At lower use rates Bifen IT may be applied no more than once every seven days. See Bifen IT label for complete details.

- See more at:

Snake Control Methods
Controlling snakes begins with an inspection to determine why the snakes want to be there in the first place. If snakes are indoors it could be because of food, water, or ideal temperature and conditions. Look for signs of rodents since they are a food source for the snakes. Also look for entry points into the structure such as holes in the foundation or missing vent covers. When inspecting for outdoor problems, look for high vegetation or wood piles on the ground. When snakes are found outside, they are usually just trying to get from one place to another or foraging for food. They will hide under logs, and in debris such as scrap metal and old tires. Always wear long pants, boots, and gloves when inspecting for snakes, and make sure not to place bare hands in areas that you cannot visually inspect first. Never provoke a snake if found.
After the inspection, apply snake repellents around foundations, in crawlspaces, entry points, basements, and under covered porches. Also use repellents in the yard where snakes are a problem. When using a glue board trap to catch snakes, place it along walls and places where pests are most likely to travel.
Why are Snakes Dangerous?
There are 45,000 snake bites in the United States per year with 8,000 of those resulting from venomous snakes. Snake bites can be deadly if not treated immediately, and children are at a higher risk since they have smaller bodies. It is important to get to an emergency room immediately after a snake bite even if there is no pain, because the bite can lead to death. Symptoms may begin right after being bitten or they my not occur for several hours after the incident. Venomous snakes in the U.S. include: cobra, copperhead, coral snake, cottonmouth (also know as the water moccasin), rattlesnake, and various snakes in zoos.
Dr.T's Snake-A-Way snake repellent is the only EPA-approved, university-tested and patented snake repellent on the market today. Snake-A-Way is a dry granular mixture which is easy to apply by lightly
sprinkling around homes, cabins, trailers, camp sites, and garages

How Dr T's Snake Away Works
The Jacobson's organ in snakes is used with the tongue to sense its environment. The snake flicks out its tongue and picks up the scent of vapor molecules(Naphthalene). When the snake pulls in its tongue, the vapor molecules are transferred to the odor-sensitive Jacobson's organ. Naphthalene, a volatile product, and active ingredient, vaporizes and is brought into the sensory receptor (Jacobson's organ) and creates an immediate interference that is repressive enough to close down the sensory system and scare the snake into a hasty retreat. It was found to be so effective that it protected our military during the Gulf War from sand vipers and cobras.

Pet and children safe when used as directed.

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I don't like mosquitoes. And snakes. I can't explain why. What about you?
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To be honest, I really don't like snakes, rodents, and mosquitos because they are all dangerous. They have a certain virus within them that can make you sick or dead. I remember when I was bitten by a rodent months ago. I was sleeping that time, and I was not able to notice the rodent. It bit me, and it was really painful! There were a lot of blood flowing out of my wound. Because of that, I immediately called my mom then she washed my wound with soap and running water. After that, we immediately went to the nearest public medical clinic. The nurse there told us that they have to inject me something that has anti tetanus. I feel better now. I was just lucky enough to be able to go to the nearest medical clinic that time, and got treated properly.
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